A Romantic Winter Weekend — Modern cabin in a rustic place

When romance, adventure, and style collide during the perfect winter weekend getaway.

Located a mere 36 miles south of the Canadian boarder, I spent a wonderful weekend with my husband among the glistening trees and powdery snow of Winthrop, Washington. This quaint and charming town is a hidden winter play land for all who enjoy winter sports.

We were invited to attend a New Years Day wedding, and since New Years is my favorite holiday of the year, I decided to make it a romantic getaway. Finding a unique and fun place to stay was quite easy. After only a few minutes I settled on Skytop, a great modern twist on the rustic mountain cabin. The photos had me from the start.

We arrived after sunset in a heavy snow storm. We could barely see the house in the dark, but somehow managed to pull into the right driveway. Situated a quarter-mile from downtown Winthrop, you feel as if your are miles from the nearest human. The convenient location does not spoil the seemingly deserted landscape.

I’m not a big fan of kitschy cabin motifs and Skytop did not let me down in that regard. The exterior is a rusted metal finish that gives you a feeling of an old sawmill or mine when you take in the surrounding mountain scenery.

The interior is a high ceiling, modern, one bedroom home (optional mother-in-law suite next door) with uniquely up-cycled materials and fun design elements that make you smile. Throughout the home the counters and tables are constructed from old bowling-lanes, and the legs of the kitchen island are porcelain insulators from Grand Coulee Dam. I would be remiss if I did not mention the giant T-Rex scull, a replica of the famous ‘Sue’, above the fire place. In the evenings, we snuggled by the fireplace on the plush carpet. Reading our books and casually talking, it was easy to relax and enjoy each other’s company with a glass of wine in this space.

The art-gallery ambiance continues through to the bedroom and spacious bathroom. I could do my yoga work out comfortably in this bathroom, it is that big. My favorite part? The shower. I love walk-in showers with rain shower heads. I love them so much they influence my choice of lodging every time. With the tall ceilings and the height at which the rain shower head is placed, this feels almost like you are showering outside. You get a little bit of that exhibitionist feeling as soon as you strip down and walk in. After a long day adventuring outside, it was romantic and relaxing to stand under the hot running water together and reminisce on our day.

After our harrowing drive in from Seattle, a good nights rest and a quick breakfast in the stylish kitchen, we set out on our first adventure in Winthrop. As a woman who loves new adventures and sports, you may be surprised that I went snowshoeing for the first time that weekend. For some reason, snowshoeing always seemed like a very involved winter activity and so I shied away. Not this weekend, not this gal. I was determined to try something I’ve never done.

Fun Fact: Snowshoeing is just hiking or walking with snowshoes on. Neat right? I wish someone would have told me that years ago.

After what seemed like forever getting the family and friends gathered for the snowshoe adventure, we were off hiking along the Methow River.

While we trekked along the river bank, the activity and sun warmed us. The rushing water only a few feet from us masked the crunch of the snow under our shoes. Our slow hike took us two miles upstream before we decided to turn around. Yes, only two miles. Since it was the first day of this amazing weekend, we decided that it was a good idea to take it easy and spread out the fun. After-all, there was a wedding on the horizon.

The next day we enjoyed a horse drawn sleigh ride atop the mountain ridge starting at the Sun Mountain Lodge. Piling into the giant sled with the other wedding guests, we snuggled together under our blankets and squinted as we gazed out at the sun dappled valley. As the bells on the horse’s tack jingled with every powerful step, we glided further up the ridge. The other guests giggled and talked amongst each other while children sledding and people cross-country skiing on the same trail disappeared down the hill. After only a few minutes, we arrived at a rustic, wild west style, heated tent where we were offered hot cocoa or apple cider. My joke about needing some good whiskey was not lost on the friendly staff. Although, we spent much of that time outside, together, petting the giant draft horses that easily pulled the 20-person sleigh up the mountain. The earthy smell of horse sweat and straw hung heavy around them as we fawned over these beautiful mares. Just before the rest of the group came out from the warming tent to head back down the mountain, we stole a few kisses alone in the cold air.

The rest of the weekend was filled with indoor activities and even a little karaoke as we celebrated the bride and groom’s joyous event. The French styled great room of the main house served as our backdrop for New Year’s Eve. Leaving a little early because I was feeling ill, we rolled through downtown Winthrop to see what revelry was being had. The main drag was deserted with the exception of one tiny little bar. Packed to the gills with dancers and classic rock rolling out the doors, we smiled and decided that next year we would be there: dancing, singing, and drinking just a little too much. In the morning we donned our best attire, layered on the winter clothes, and headed out for one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever attended. This was a magical weekend wedding that I’m sure every guest will remember and most of all I hope that it was just as special for the newlyweds.

I found Winthrop, WA to be an inviting and charming place and we will be back again, hopefully soon. This romantic adventure weekend is just what I needed to kick start 2017.

If you’d like to visit Winthrop, Washington, here are some details and facts to help you get started.

Skytop Rental
(509) 868–6433
$175–$185 per night
+$100 per night for the optional mother-in-law suite

Winthrop is a 4hr, 12min drive from downtown Seattle in good weather. Make sure to check the road conditions before you go. We had a hairy drive home over Satus Pass.

Things To Do
Check out Winthrop’s tourism website for tons of ideas for summer and winter.

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