An outdoor woman’s guide to holiday outfits

It’s that time of year when we don our best duds, whip up a dish to share, and head to our friend’s and family’s houses for wine, food, laughter, and more food. If you are like me, this simple activity of dressing nice can get a little frustrating. There are so many variables to cover. Look good, but stay comfortable. Dress warm, but avoid bulky clothes that will get in the cranberry sauce. Then there is the inevitable issue of eating too much. I know I shouldn’t wear my sweatpants full of holes, but how do I stay comfortable when my belly has expanded after hours of “get in my belly” good food? I’m not much for high fashion, but I do like my outdoor, active, and fun lifestyle look. Consider these looks when digging through your closet or buying a last-minute outfit.

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A Poncho & Jeans

I adore that ponchos are back in style. They fulfill so many of my needs as an outdoor, out West enthusiast. Look stylish and casual going to dinner with a great pair of slim cut jeans, matching boots, and this great poncho from Aspen & Pine.

The high neckline of the poncho creates a great canvas to feature a big necklace. I love turquoise jewelry with a hand-crafted look to them. Which is perfect for this! The big pendants and chunky beads bring the style up a notch and complete the outfit.

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Jean Dress

Jean is a wardrobe staple, including this button up jean dress. Causal one minute and dressy the next. Perfect for the outdoor woman on the go, from a hike to Thanksgiving dinner. Hit the trails in the morning — unbuttoned with leggings, a tee, and some hiking boots. When it is time for dinner, button it up, ditch the leggings, add some gold jewelry with a punch, swap out the boots, and you are ready. Earrings such as this leaf design, make for flash and sophistication that brings the jean dress up a notch. Don’t like big earrings? Roll the sleeves of the dress up and add big chunky gold bracelets instead.

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A Wrap & Jeans

Maybe a poncho isn’t quite your style. If so, try a wrap sweater! The wrap can provide you with flexible comfort to match your need at that moment. If you are feeling chilled or want a little more cover, pull it closed with a matching belt. If you are in the mood to show off, leave it open and let the wind whip this great piece around as you walk.
As with the poncho this style allows for some great big, bold necklaces. With a simple but classic top underneath, the necklace you choose can set the tone for your look.

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Black Wrap Dress

A little back dress should be in every woman’s closet. Like jean, this dress can provide versatility to your outdoor wardrobe. Since it is black, your accessories choices are unlimited. Gold, silver, punches of color, and much more. Why not go a little daring and spice it up with some punk influence? You don’t have to be boring to look good. Just watch your self when you are cheering for your favorite football team. You could poke Uncle Bill’s eye out if you aren’t careful.

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