Gift Ideas for the #Outdoorwomen in Your Life

Looking for gift ideas? Checkout these special picks from the staff at Aspen & Pine. Inspired by the needs of outdoor and nature loving women, these items cover cold weather, at home, and on the go.

Sacagawea — Leather Mittens

Displaying an arrangement of flowers, these leather mittens are named for Sacagawea, a Lemhi Shoshone woman. Astis leather mittens are hand-sewn in the USA from light brown high-quality suede leather with hand-stitched beadwork on the gauntlet and are lined with insulation. Get these for the outdoor women in your life who enjoys style and fashion with a little taste of Native American history.

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ECOBAGS® Market Collection
Organic Cloth Bulk & Produce Bag

If you need a eco-friendly stocking stuffer for your bug family, here is a great option. Help save the planet by reducing the use of single-use plastic bags. These organically grown, responsibly harvested bulk/produce bags can be used for much more than shopping. One could use them for storage during backpacking, travel, or as eco-friendly holiday gift bags.

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Grapefruit | Apricot Wooly Wax 8 oz Candle

Skip those candles from the mall and give your sniffer a break. Instead go with a 100% natural soy candle from Wooly Wax. A wonderfully refreshing and zesty mix of sweet and slightly bitter, herbaceous citrus smell, the grapefruit undertones help with mental fatigue and odor elimination while the Apricot top notes provide sweet, refine fruity notes reminiscent of peach and pear.

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The Day-Off Bag

Perfect for day trips and gym runs, the Day-Off bag is made of kitesurf and boat sails. Hand cut and sewn in California this bag is a small ultralight waterproof duffel with a fully lined interior. Mafia, the makers, believe in low-impact lifestyles that help clean up the planet. When you get a Mafia bag, you are helping to support sustainable business practices.

Price $110.00 Buy here

Looking for more ideas?

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