I Have an Obsession with Winter Jackets (And You Should Too!)

Every winter my cold weather storage bin comes out from the deep recesses of my closet. This large tub has everything I need to get by during the cold winter months. What’s in it? There are a few cute beanies, some thicker scarves, super sexy long underwear (not!), insulated snow boots, and most importantly my assortment of winter jackets. I have an obsession with winter jackets. I’ve got color and variety to accommodate every situation. Usually, I’m very pragmatic about my clothes, but I allow myself this indulgence and you should too.

The jacket for adventures

The Relator Parka from Aspen and Pine

Like this Relator Parka, a jacket that keeps you warm and provides versatility is necessary to explore the outdoors. The thumb holes, the removable collar and hood, and the deep pockets make it perfect for winter adventure. Now, let’s be clear, I’m not talking about an outdoor jacket for stuff like snowboarding. I have one of those jackets too, but a parka provides me with style and comfort. My snowboarding jacket is purposely designed and it’s bright colors keep me visible in the snow, but doesn’t go with my wardrobe.

Relator Parka — $139.39 (Regularly $199.00)

The jacket for yoga, shopping, and more

The Resources Jacket from Aspen and Pine

As I write this, I’m in my Resource Jacket. I’m not outside, but this fleece-lined jacket is my go-to for when my house is a little cold and I don’t want to crank the furnace. Beyond my poorly insulated house, I wear this to and from yoga, to the grocery store, and for other casual events. I’ve found that I can dress it up to suit many needs. What I like the most is the asymmetrical zipper and over sized collar.

Resources Jacket — $69.39
(Regularly $99.00)

The classic puffy jacket

The Succinct Jacket from Aspen and Pine

Remember when puffy jackets made you look like the Michele Man? I’m very grateful for the new, slimmer styles like the Succinct Jacket. This version has more features than some you see on the market. It has a wide collar that zips all the way up, perfect for hiding my face against the biting wind. I’ve got to take care of my delicate skin after all. It’s also lightweight but provides great insulation. To top it off, I can use the drawstring waist to change up the look depending on what I’m wearing.

Succinct Jacket — $118.39
(Regularly $169.00)

Besides these great winter wardrobe staples, I’ve got two pea coats (one grey, one brown), another fleece, my snowboarding jacket, and a heavy rain jacket perfect for the rainy months in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve got a full-blown obsession with winter jackets, and you should too!

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