Our Story

A long, long, time ago. All the way back in 2015. Hey, don’t judge! It feels like forever ago to us. 😉 We had a crazy napkin sketch, daydream of an idea; a one stop shop for urban dwelling mountain lovers, who are always up for a new adventure. Unique apparel, gear, gadgets, and accessories that we ourselves would want to pack in our bags and take with us on our next trip. Quality products with a story. Products that are ethically and responsibly made. Sustainable products. Handmade, small batch, or one of a kind products. Products that give back. Products that you will continue to love for years to come.

We made a few more jokes about it but, we could never quite let go of our daydream and in 2015 we decided to pull the trigger.

That winter we launched an online store and the following summer did a few pop-up markets to test if we were buying the right stuff for people like us. We asked our friends and neighbors and enthusiastically plowed down a road that neither of us knew much about. We listened to Shopify Masters podcasts for inspiration. We took crash courses in Marketing 101. We started going to trade shows. We pulled up our sleeves and we got dirty. We made new friends and somewhere along the crazy adventure we had decided to throw ourselves into, Mother Nature deemed us worthy enough to also be parents. We were six months pregnant when we opened our store in Denver, Colorado.

We learned that people do not shop in a store like they shop online and we discovered that we would rather build relationships than enforce a ridged return policy. We love a good story with a happy ending, and we love hearing about our customer’s, our friend’s, and our families’ adventures. Thank you for joining us on our crazy adventure, we would love to hear from you. Don’t be a stranger and, welcome to the tribe.

Jessica Schurr & CJ Grimes